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transformer (MEERS)

Industry Focused Products!


Power Transformers up to 1000 MVA, 1200 KV class

Power Transformers up to 1000 MVA, 1200 KV class
  • Generator Transformer
  • Unit auxiliary Transformer
  • Station Auxiliary Transformer
  • Power distribution Transformer
  • Interconnecting Transformer

Rectifier Transformers up to 160 KA DC

Rectifier Transformers up to 160 KA DC
  • Six Pulse Transformer with IPT
  • Twelve pulse with IPT (Double deck construction)
  • Bridge connection
  • For Railway Traction

Distribution Transformer

Distribution Transformer​
  • Range above 160 KVA, 11/0.433 KV

Furnace Transformers up to 120 MVA

Furnace Transformers up to 120 MVA
  • Arc furnace Transformer
  • Submerged Arc Furnace transformer
  • Ladle Arc Furnace Transformer
  • Induction Furnace Transformer
  • DC Furnace Transformer

Locomotive Transformer

Locomotive Transformer
  •  Trackside Transformer for railways
  • Six phase AC Traction

Reactors up to 765 KV

  • Series Reactor & Shunt Reactors

Developed Ancillary unit for

  • Manufacturing of Radiators
  • Manufacturing of Transformer Tanks
  • Manufacturing of Distribution transformers till 5.0 MVA; 66 kV class
  • Repairing of Transformers till 350 MVA; 66 kV class
  • Manufacturing of BCT’s for Transformer rating up to 1200 kV
  • Started our very own Logistics.
  • Manufacturing of OIP Bushings up to 245 KV class.

Instrument Transformer

LT Current Transformer

LT Current Transformer​
  •  Manufacturing of Wound Type and Window Type.
  • They may be Resin cast, Tape Insulated or Varnish Impregnated depending on
  • Customer need
  • Manufacturing of special purpose transformers like Core Balance Current Transformer (CBCT), Summation CT, Slip on CT etc.

Control Transformer/Auxiliary Transformer

Control Transformer/Auxiliary Transformer​
  • Low Tension range includes Control Transformers and Auxiliary Transformers
  • Control transformers are specifically used to provide control supply voltage for the control circuits
  • It can be produced in Three Phase and Single-Phase type with capacities up to 250 kVA

Indoor Resin Cast Voltage Transformer

Indoor Resin Cast Voltage Transformer​
  • Manufactured in Single Pole and Double Pole Construction
  • Three Phase VTs can be manufactured upto 36kV

Outdoor Oil Immersed Residual Voltage Transformer

  • Outdoor Oil Immersed Residual Voltage Transformer up to 36kV for Protection of Capacitor Bank against neutral grounding fault

Outdoor Oil Immersed Current Transformers

  • Outdoor Oil Immersed CTs are manufactured in Live Tank and Dead Tank construction up to 440 kV
  • High quality oil paper insulation is achieved by using oil paper impregnation at controlled vacuum and temperature treatment.
  • Outer insulation consists of high quality porcelain insulator having standard /extended creepage distance. On request composite insulator can also be provided.

LT Voltage Transformer

LT Voltage Transformer​
  • Manufacturing of Single Phase and Three Phase LT VTs
  • They may be Resin cast or Tape Insulated depending on Customer need
  • Burden up to 500 VA

Indoor Resin Cast Current Transformer

Indoor Resin Cast Current Transformer​
  • Manufactured in Wound Primary Type and Window Type
  • Manufactured by Pressure Gelation Casting and Vacuum Casting Technique
  • It can be manufactured as per customer needs upto 36kV

Outdoor Dry Type Current Transformer

  • Outdoor dry type Current Transformers are manufactured in High Quality Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin with high glass transition temperature, good ultraviolet resistance and ingress
    protection for Secondary Terminal Box
  • It can be manufactured as per customer needs upto 36kV

Outdoor Dry Type Voltage Transformer

  • Outdoor dry type Voltage Transformers are manufactured in Single Pole and Double Pole construction
  • It can be manufactured as per customer needs upto 36kV and having output upto 500 VA

Outdoor Oil Immersed Voltage Transformers

Outdoor Oil Immersed Voltage Transformers​
  • Outdoor Oil Cooled VTs are manufactured mainly as Single Phase ‘Earthed Type Voltage Transformers.
  • High quality oil paper insulation is achieved by using oil paper impregnation at controlled vacuum and temperature treatment.
  • Outer insulation consists of high quality porcelain insulator having standard /extended creepage distance. On request composite insulator can also be provided.

Metering Cubicles

Metering Cubicles

With the growing awareness of accurate metering of energy and wide spread activities undertaken by Electric Energy Supply companies the need of has been felt for good quality reliable Metering Unit / Cubicles / Kiosk up to 36 kV.


  • Pilfer Resistant design
  • Outdoor type metering cubicle is commonly Weather and Dust proof
  • Instrument Transformers of ‘REPUTED’ make
  • Available in 3/4 Phase wires measuring system
  • Electronic Lock Arrangement (On request)

Distribution Feeder Panel

feeder panel
  • Application: Protection and Control of Power Distribution (for outdoor use)
  • AC Rating Volts : 0 – 500V
  • AC Rating Amps : 100 – 1000A
  • AC Rating Frequency : 50Hz
  • Rated Insulation Voltage : 690V
  • Temp. Rise : Up to 35C Rise over 50C ambient.
  • Degree of Protection : IP 52, 54, 55,65
  • Power Bus. Bar : Al or Cu. Bas bar
  • Over Current Protection : Properly
  • Panel Cote : 7 tank Powder Coated Paint and as per Client’s requirement.
  • Panel Mount : Floor / Ground Mounted, Wall Mounted, Mounted on Angle Frame.
  • Current Monitoring : Possible
  • Phase Monitoring : Possible
  • Configuration : Based on customer’s requirement.
  • Type test Performed : Short Circuit with Stand temp. rise with stand, Degree of Protection.
  • Product Warranty : At least 12 Month.

Switchgear Panels

Gas Insulated Switchgear (upto 36kV)

As the world is moving towards highly compact and reliable power distribution equipment, GIS is emerging as the best solution for M.V. Primary Power Distribution. ARISTA Indoor GIS offers latest technology with only incremental cost over Air Insulated Switchgear.
The product comes with flexible SF gas insulated plug-in 6 compartments to suit various network configurations. The cubicle contains robotically welded, hermetically sealed, stainless steel tank and are safe from internal arc. The circuit breaker cubicle includes a vacuum circuit breaker with three position disconnector switch connected in series with it. The gases generated during internal arc are vented through a relief duct provided at the rear side. The plug-in busbar and cable connectors
allow easy termination of busbar and power cables with circuit breaker cubicle. The controls and cable termination are front accessible along with plug-in instrument transformers ensuring ease of approach to all the equipment.


  • Fully type tested.
  • Compact design & reduced space requirement.
  • Sealed for life.
  • High degree of reliability and safety.
  • Virtually maintenance free equipment.
  • Easy future extensibility of the network through flexible plug-in connectors.
  • Ring type Current Transformers.
  • Touch proof cable connectors & bus bars.
  • Reduced total cost considering space requirement & long trouble-free product life.
Gas insulated Switchgear

Air Insulated Switchgear VCB Panel (Upto 36kV)


  • Compact, Sturdy with an Extensible Design
  • Less Maintenance & High Reliability
  • Draw-out VCB with Compartmentalized Design
  • Long Electrical and Mechanical Life
  • Conforms to IEC 62271-100 & 200
  • Compatible For Remote and SCADA Operation
  • Closed Door Operation with Enhanced Safety
  • VCB Type Tested for E2, C2, M2 Class
  • Internal Arc Tested for 40kA 0.1&1 sec IAC A FLR
  • Front Operated Earth Switch


  • Utilities and Power Plants
  • Industrial Segments like Cement, Textiles, Pulp and
  • Paper, Automotive, Petrochemicals, Oil Etc.
  • Switching Duties for Capacitor, Motors, Auxiliary,
  • Generator Units for Power Plants

Porcelain Clad Outdoor VCB
Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breakers (PCVCBs) are designed & manufactured for outdoor applications for switching & protection in Medium Voltage Transmission & Distribution Networks keeping in mind the tropical climate. Simple construction & a smaller number of moving parts
ensure reliable service & safety.


  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • High Availability Through Spring Charge Spring Operated Mechanism
  • Single Unit – Easy to Transport & Ready to Install
  • Simple & Safe to Operate
  • Modular Construction for Ease to Maintain
  • Compact & Rugged Design for Outdoor Application
  • Well Proven Vacuum Interrupters for Switching Functions
  • Long Electrical & Mechanical Life
  • Adequate Ground & Sectional Clearances as Required
  • Suitable for Rapid Auto-Reclosing Duty
  • Fully Type Tested at NABL Accredited Lab such as CPRI & ERDA As Per Latest IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-1 & IS 13118
  • Type Tested for Class M2 (10,000 Operation)
  • Specially Type Tested for Seismic Test at 0.6g
  • Compatible for Remote & SCADA Operations
  • Mechanical On/Off & Spring Charged Indications
  • Visible Without Opening The Front Door
  • Sealed Poles to Prevent Ingress of Moisture
  • Front Access to Operating Mechanism
  • As an ideal solution, the Circuit Breaker can be supplied along with CRPs (Control & Relay Panels), Outdoor CTs & VTs and Isolators as a whole unit for Electrical Networks in the field of Transmission & Distribution.
porcelain clad outdoor VCB

Ring Main Unit :
An RMU is a factory assembled, metal enclosed set of switchgear used at the load connection points of a ring-type distribution network. It includes in one unit, two switches that connect both sides of the load to the main conductors and a fusible switch or circuit breaker that tee-off to feed a distribution transformer (medium voltage to low voltage). The evolution of RMU designs covers a number of insulation types including air, oil or gas SF6. RMUs also cover a voltage range (subject to local variations) of 11, 24 and 36kV.

Technical Details

  • Economic full life cost
  • Simple and safe installation
  • Compact, suitable for mini substations
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • 36 kV and 630 A ratings
  • 3 and 4 functions in a single SF6 insulated stainless steel enclosure
  • Vacuum interrupter for circuit breakers
  • Circuit breaker protection using a wide range of self-powered and auxiliary relays
  • Motorisation for remote control
  • Easy integration with SCADA networks
  • Front access cable terminations, with DIN 400 type C bushings
Ring main unit

Outdoor SF6 Insulated Sectionalizer

Pole Mounted Sectionalizer is dedicated to serve the purpose of disconnecting the faulty section automatically in conjunction with an upstream Autorecloser circuit breaker in the substation and restoring power to the healthy lines/branches with minimum down time.


  • Compact In Size, Light Weight Design and hence Easy to Install and Transport
  • SF6 gas Filled Hermetically Sealed Stainless-Steel Tank
  • Control Unit with Logic Based Programming
  • Suitable for Mounting on a Single Pole or on Double Pole Structure
  • Latest Technology of Arc Quenching & Short Arcing Time
  • Local & Remote-Control Options
  • Manual & Automated Options
  • Least Maintenance
  • Automatic Isolation of Faulty Section and Restoration of Healthy Branches of Distribution
    System in Case of Permanent Faults
Outdoor SF6 insulated sectionalizer
Outdoor SF6 Insulated Sectionalizer

Auto Reclosure

Available for all applications up to 38kV, as a Three Phase, Two Wire Single Phase, Single PhaseEarth Return and Single Triple configurations.

auto reclosure
Switchgear Voltage Classes
Auto Reclosure specification
auto closure table

Isolator / Disconnector

The isolators / disconnectors are mechanically operated safety device incorporated for electrical isolation of system. Open position provides safe and desired isolation. Hence, they are widely used in high voltage installations, transmission and distribution layouts for isolation of part or complete electrical system for carrying out maintenance, repairs and similar activities where the system has to be isolated from primary circuit


Features :

  • Design with technical excellence and free from maintenance.
  • Sturdy Construction.
  • Well achieved consistency in contact pressure and contact resistance over a long period.
  • Adjustable horn bars provided to ensure engagement and disengagement of moving blade with fix contact.
  • Withstand high static loads without deflection.
  • Provision of individual stopper for alignment of moving blade with fixed contact on each phase.
  • Environmental protection for mechanism is assured by “closed canopy” designed completely encapsulating the turn & twist mechanism eliminating entry of pollutants viz. rain water, snow, dust or any kind of foreign material which would otherwise result in improper
    functioning of isolator.
  • Operationally both banging as well as turn & twist design are very smooth.
  • The copper pipe provided for turn & twist movement is having two brass bushes which act as self-lubricant to ensure smooth movement.

Lightening Arrester / Surge Arrester

Surge arrester is a voltage limiting device installed inside the installation equipment panel to protect the insulation, equipment and machines not only from lightning, but also from transient voltage produced by switching, sparks, load shading and other electrical faults such as ground faults etc.
Surge arresters are used to limit the current and voltage surges to protect the low and high voltage appliances as well as communication lines. The most common surge arrester is a non-linear metal oxide resistors type in a porcelain or silicone rubber housing, and are fitted in parallel with the intended circuit to protect from surges and connected to the earth grid.

lighting arrestor

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